Technical Information - Continued..

bullet Outdoor Exposure & Storage

XPS Rigid Thermal Insulation Board is not affected by the weather and may be stored outside. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation in sunlight may cause the surface to become pale and dusty. This will have no significant effect on insulating value unless the surface is eroded, thickness is reduced.

bullet Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation mostly known as the inverted roof concept or upside down roofing, succeeds in insulating both the waterproofing membrane and the R.C. slab from extreme thermal stress.

Roof Insulation 1- Gravel layer
2- Separation layer
3- XPS
4- Waterproofing Membrane
5- Screed To Slope
6- Roof Deck

bullet Wall Insulation - Interior Wall Insulation

Interior Thermal Insulation is used where existing buildings require insulation, building
with special exterior finishes and building with intermittent air conditioning. The internal lining
XPS (XPS) can be used either with adhesives or by mechanical fasteners.

Floor Insulation 1-Interior Plaster
2- Structural Wall
3- XPS
4- Outer Brick Wall
5- Concrete Slab


bullet Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation is an advantage where an external brick of any type and finish is required. Also, for any type for air conditioned buildings or GRC panels with adhesive or mechanical fasteners.

bullet Exterior Insulation

It is most efficient way of insulating buildings without interrupting structure elements.
E-FOAM (Wall fix) can be fixed behind granite or GRC panels with adhesive or mechanical fasteners.