Technical Information

bullet Thermal Properties

The ability of insulation to resist heat flow is usually the principal consideration in comparing insulations. The materials’ resistance to heat flow is expressed by its’ R value. The higher the R-value the greater the insulation power.

XPS Rigid Thermal Insulation Boards’ performance is essential for the proper design of a buildings’ air conditioning system and heating as well as for its ability to assist with moisture management.

Buildings are kept cooler inside when it is hot outside and warmer when it is cold. Thermal insulation will help customers save energy and money, while improving the comfort of those inside and the durability of the building structure.

bullet Moisture Resistance Mechanical Properties

The superior moisture resistance of XPS Rigid Thermal Insulation board provides outstanding benefits for most construction and engineering applications. Fortunately Thermal insulation Boards’ superior moisture resistance is well established. Not only is polystyrene naturally hydrophobic (no chemical affinity for water), but its fine closed – cell structure and smooth continuous skin helps the foam resist moisture..

XPS Rigid Thermal insulation Board can be installed under the roof membrane (conventional system) or over the membrane (inverted system) to protect it from damage and weather.


Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Thermal Insulation Boards

Rigid thermal insulation boards application. The stable properties of polystyrene, when combined with a unique foam extrusion process, produce an exceptionally useful product, XPS Rigid Thermal Insulation Board has benefits for nearly all construction and engineering applications such as

  • Interior and exterior wall insulation application
  • Roofing insulation
  • Foundation insulation and underground construction
  • Insulation under roads / railways / airport runways.
  • Water proof protection.
  • Cold store floors and walls insulation.
  • Parking decks insulation
  • Refrigerated trucks for roads and rails.
  • Advertising displays, signs & decorative materials applications.
  • Civil, industrial engineering and other commercial applications.

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