• Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) for insulation
  • Water proofing materials (various)
  • Solar Panels

(*Materials used varies depending on actual site conditions)


Properties of Polystyrene as an insulation material

Eco Friendly - Polystyrene is eco friendly as it is a 100% recyclable product.

Thermal conductivity – Polystyrene has a homogenous structure and high resistance to water and vapor diffusion that delays the change in the cell gas composition.

The aging phenomenon is thus tremendously slowed down, leading to a stable long term, low thermal conductivity of approx 0.030 w/mk at 400 deg C mean temperature.

Compressive Strength – Polystyrene being a rigid insulation material has high compressive strength. (Compressive strength is the property of material which determines the load bearing capacity of the material)

Resistance to water and vapor penetration

Polystyrene has astructure that consists of small size closed cells and outer foam skin (for extruded polystyrene) of denser material on both sides. This allows it to remain dry in the high relative humidity and ambient temperature of the Indian subcontinent.

Chemical resistance
– Polystyrene is stable and has excellent resistance to acids, basis cold bitumen and silicon oil. On the other hand, it is unstable to tars, organic solvents, hydrocarbon gasoline and oil based paints.

Fire behavior – Polystyrene panels contain flame retardant material which is classified as B1 building material when tested in accordance with DIN 4102